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Animated Gifs: home - top of the page - email

Animated Gifs: .

The Animation Factory - 3000+ animations for your site!
Web Resources - A great site with tons of animated gifs and other goodies.
The Animation Zone - Yet another Animation Zone - Redpoint's Gif Collection - many animations
The Animation Zone - some animations
Cybernettix - A great collection of animated gifs and html links.
ClipArt Universe - Features some pretty neat animation gifs.
Gif Animations - Another huge place to find animations for your homepage.
Mike's Free Animated Gifs - Over 1000 animated art here.
Animation City - Very nicely designed site with-animations!
Buttons, Icons & Bullets: home - top of the page - email

Buttons, Icons & Bullets:

A-1 Icon Archive: - An archive of over 300000 web graphics!
Icon Browser - Welcome to a universe of icons!
Terry's gifs - TONS of cools little gifs to add to your page. Includes downloadable zipped up ones!
Graphic station - A lot of icons, bullets, and buttons for your taking!
Andy's Art Attack - Absolutely huge database full of free graphics and graphic links!
Digit Mania - Looking for digit and counter gifs? Look no more.

Backgrounds: home - top of the page - email


Windy's Design - A superb collection of left-bordered backgrounds!
Unique Backgrounds - Click here for custom backgrounds.
Texture Land - Some weird and textured backgrounds for those that like eccentric graphics on their homepage.
WebMastery - Tons of graphics resources. I mean tons! (And all of them are good)
Grafix gallery - Another great web graphics and background resource.
Over the Rainbow Free Backgrounds and Gifs - Tons of resources related to free background gif.

Adobe Photoshop: home - top of the page - email

Photoshop Tips:   -  - - this site has many reviews and tips -
Doc Ozone's Hands-On Training  - is the good place to start.
Cooltype  - has many great effects.
Kai Krause  - has superb pages for Photoshop. Many of these are more advanced tips that you won't find elsewhere.
Infinite Fish  - has some useful tutorials.
Rick Nelson  - has tutorials, tips, and FAQs.
And, of course, -  Adobe's Design Center.

Flash sites home - top of the page - email

Some flash sites: - - -
macromedia - awards -

Examples of good graphics & design home - top of the page - email - Excellent Graphics (In Russian) - XBox - excellent use of Macromedia Flash - Russian store designed with good taste and humor - OpenCube - good collection of Applets - interesting graphical solution (cute, not very useful) - always changing, a lot of Macromedia stuff (Flash, Director)
    (try also ,, etc.) -

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