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Intro ------------------------------

MQ Series (also called "MQ", "MQSeries", and "IBM WebSphere MQ") is a messaging solution with a central server. Process A can put a message there, and process B can retrieve the message. If you login onto the prompt of the actual box running MQ - you will see hundreds (if not thousands) processes in memory working on receiving/sending messages. Messages can be huge. The whole system is very reliable. And it supports transactions. Great tool - but expensive (of course). It allows perfect de-coupling between systems. Imagine that system A needs to send something to system B. It puts the message on te MQ server - and continues with whatever it was doing. System B will retrieve the message at its convenience. If system B is turned off for couple hours for maintenance - no problem. Once "B" will go back online - it will retrieve the messages. Nothing will be lost. And system "A" never has to wait for system "B".

MQ is a central component from IBM products for providing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

MQ has API-s for all common languages, it has a bridge to send/receive messages via http - and MQ can be treated as a web service.

See good brief overview on wikipedia:

Messages and Queues

Message is a piece of information (text or binary) with some extra information (for routing and delivery).

Message Queue (MQ) is the storage for messages.


Message Broker

Websphere Message Broker –

Message Broker distributes information and data generated by business events in real time to people, applications, and devices throughout your extended enterprise and beyond.

IBM® WebSphere® Message Broker V6.0.2 is the new Message Broker Test Client

WebSphere Message Broker V6.0.2 Toolkit

Transformation Tolkit


MQTX (Transformation Toolkit),

WTX (Websphere Transformation Extender for Message Broker)



Using ODBC and Message queues for data interchanges.